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They do not make things like they used to. How many times do we say this these days? No machine using synthetic materials can replicate the skill, artistry, commitment, tradition and history of a quality aged, hand-knotted, natural fibre Vintage carpet. We should all be so appreciative of the fact that the craft of tying the perfect Turkish Double Knot and creating great designs, passed down over the centuries from generation to generation, still exists in the 21st century. Our Vintage Carpet collection of rugs made over 50 years ago includes only the finest examples of this tradition. The fibres and dyes in these originally dense, stiff and, usually, strongly coloured carpets have stretched and relaxed, softened and mellowed. Any one of the pieces we offer here would settle well into a modern-day environment and look as if it was made just for the space. Spectacular!

W:3' 6'' (106cm) L:7' (214cm)
W:3' 11'' (120cm) L:7' 1'' (217cm)
W:4' 2'' (128cm) L:5' 4'' (162cm)
W:1' 6'' (46cm) L:3' 2'' (96cm)
W:3' 5'' (103cm) L:6' 6'' (198cm)
W:4' 2'' (128cm) L:6' (182cm)
W:4' 1'' (125cm) L:5' 3'' (161cm)
W:3' 8'' (111cm) L:7' (214cm)
W:4' 3'' (130cm) L:7' 9'' (236cm)
W:6' 7'' (200cm) L:10' 7'' (322cm)
W:1' 8'' (52cm) L:3' 3'' (100cm)
W:2' (61cm) L:2' 10'' (86cm)
W:6' 7'' (200cm) L:9' 6'' (290cm)
W:4' 5'' (135cm) L:5' 6'' (167cm)
W:4' 8'' (143cm) L:8' 5'' (256cm)
W:4' 8'' (142cm) L:8' 6'' (260cm)

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