vintage patchwork rugs

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No “Cookie Cutter Carpet” designs here! We just love the fact that every single Vintage Patchwork Kilim Rug is unique and the product not only of the skilled artisans who originally wove the individual Kilims over 40 years ago, but also of our present-day workplace artisans who are extremely skilled at selecting kilims suitable for washing and cutting, have a great eye for color and design and who know just which kilim fragments to combine together to create a visually appealing “new” rug. Bringing old, neglected, discarded and tired works of art into the contemporary decorating arena is an act of re-cycling and re-purposing at its’ best and these rugs are very much sought after by interior designers due to their unique visual appeal and contemporary color palette. An added advantage of the Vintage Patchwork Kilim Rug is that it can be made to order to accommodate your individual color, pattern and size preferences. Re-use, re-cycle, reform, reinvent and rejuvenate. We love these words, the ethical statement and the low carbon footprint behind every one of our Patchwork Rugs. Rejoice!

W:3' 11'' (120cm) L:5' 10'' (178cm)
W:3' 7'' (110cm) L:6' 7'' (200cm)
W:3' 10'' (117cm) L:6' (182cm)
W:3' 9'' (115cm) L:6' (184cm)
W:2' 7'' (78cm) L:4' (122cm)
W:3' 10'' (118cm) L:6' (183cm)
W:3' 11'' (119cm) L:6' (184cm)
W:4' 6'' (137cm) L:6' 3'' (191cm)
W:3' 9'' (115cm) L:5' 9'' (176cm)
W:6' 1'' (185cm) L:8' 3'' (252cm)

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