Antique Turkish Milas Rug

  • Code: 7228
  • Material: Pure Wool
  • Weave: Hand Woven
  • Knot density: 48 Per Sq.Inch
  • Width: 3' 8'' (113cm)
  • Length: 5' 8'' (172cm)
  • Price: $2,200 (-30%) $1,540


Milas prayer rugs first made their appearances in the 18th century and can easily be identified because of their unique niche design, their long pile and their selvages. The niche is lobed in many instances and form a lozenge at the top. The border is sometimes twice as wide as the niche. A crescent appears above the niche; on the sides are stylized blossoms or leaves; and the field is filled with geometric designs. The upper horizontal panel is also decorated symmetrically with stylized floral designs. The field is often dark peach - red and the borders are predominately yellow and green. Crimson, white and dark blue are also used. The bright yellow on the border stripes is also typical of Milas rugs. These stripes are decorated with zigzag motifs.The Milas prayer rugs utilizethe Gordes designsbut at the same time show some influence from Usak and Bergama rugs,as well as from the Kula Rugs, particularly in the border designs. Lastly, we should note that the examples in this group are an accurate imitation of

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