Decorative Vintage Rug

  • Code: 5244
  • Material: Wool on Cotton
  • Weave: Hand Woven
  • Knot density: 38 Per Sq.Inch
  • Width: 5' 1'' (154cm)
  • Length: 6' 7'' (200cm)
  • Price: $590 (-50%) $295


For a contemporary look with a vintage appeal, we source rugs hand- woven in the 60's and 70's which are still in excellent condition. After thorough washing, we then and carefully trim the pile to achieve an eye-catching “distressed” look. Woven with wool on cotton. In addition to being unique and hand-made, these rugs make a very special statement, bridging past and present as the product of generations of artisanal craftsmanship and knowledge passed down over time now sits proudly in the homes of today, creating a charming, present-day appeal which complements any modern or bohemian decor.

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