Tribal Caucasian Rug

  • Code: 28886
  • Material: Wool on Cotton
  • Weave: Hand woven
  • Knot density: 32 per sq. in.
  • Width: 5' 10'' (178cm)
  • Length: 8' 6'' (258cm)
  • Price: $1,690


Caucasian Shirvan rug’s original geometric ornamentation great graphic impact. As in so many of the most accomplished works of art, not a single line is wasted, as all aspects are brought together with a natural, profoundly satisfying balance and symmetry. As a result of European demand, Shirvan and Kuba rug design in the late 19th century initially became more intricate, with increasingly fine weaves and knots. By the 1890s, this unrelenting demand led to the establishment of carpet workshops where commercial dyes were used. Designs were simplified and became symmetrical. The small, secondary motifs which gave Caucasian rugs much of their charm were excluded, so that any hint of individualism was lost.

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