Vintage Bokhara Rug

  • Code: 2462
  • Material: Wool on Cotton
  • Weave: Hand Woven
  • Knot density: 48 Per Sq. Inch
  • Width: 1' 7'' (49cm)
  • Length: 3' 2'' (96cm)
  • Price: $130


Bokara rugs - part of the Central Asian rugs, are now more commonly known as Saryk Turkomen or as Afghan rugs. The principle region of production--the city of Bukhara--now lies in Uzbekistan. These rugs are known for the abundant usage of reds and their fine silk-like texture. The color scheme relies heavily on earth tones: red, sienna, brown, and greens. Often these antique rugs use geometric patterns and are made in an assortment of sizes.

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