Vintage Oversize Turkish Rug

  • Code: 2032
  • Material: Wool on Cotton
  • Weave: Hand Woven
  • Knot density: 36 Per. Sq. In.
  • Width: 10' 2'' (310cm)
  • Length: 14' 7'' (445cm)
  • Price: $1,650


Kayseri area is another central of Anatolian rug manufacture. The old Caesarea has a reputation as the center of commercial know-how, and in Turkey a dealer from Kayseri is called ‘Kayserili’ a definite compliment to his pertinent skills. These dealers have managed to equate all of Turkish Rugs manufacture in Kayseri , and the formula is easy : a Turkish Rug is a Kayseri rug. Above and beyond this, there are oriental rugs from Kayseri, Turkmens and Boakharas from Kayseri , even Mamelukes from Kayseri. All of them are extremely popular and sell well. They are always woven to perfection, satisfy those with a compulsion for counting knots and have a silky sheen. The collectors may rejoice in their popularity, since this leaves him free to chose among many charming rugs produced in the area around Kayseri which are very popular.

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